The Imaging track will highlight novel imaging technologies across a wide range of applications. New technology breakthroughs will be highlighted as well as new ways to use these systems. Applications in the sciences as well as the arts will be presented.


Cutting Edge Imaging Devices and Applications

A discussion on the innovative technologies being developed by the leaders in the industry. 

Julie Gerstenberger, Moondog Labs, movie-making with cell phone cameras
Raja Bala, Conduent, computer vision applications
Christye Sisson, RIT, opthamalogic imaging

Light and Sound Technologies in Medical Imaging and Therapy

A panel discussion lead by experts on imaging’s impact and how its advancement has an impact on the field of medicine.

Cultural Heritage Imaging

David Messinger PhD, RIT

Greg Heyworth PhD, University of Rochester

A presentation about the use of novel imaging systems to both archive and discover new information about historical maps, documents, and other artifacts.

9/12 10:30 – 11:30

Remote Sensing

Bob Fiete PhD, Harris

Julie Baker PhD, Ursa Space Systems

A session devoted to technologies and applications of imaging from airborne and space-based platforms.  From satellites to drones, learn how remote sensing informs a wide range of challenges including map making, navigation, business analytics, and precision agriculture.

9/12 11:30 – 12:30

Light and Sound Technologies in Medical Imaging and Therapy

Panel 1, Ultrasound Techniques

Diane Dalecki, University of Rochester, Ultrasound technologies for non-invasive therapies

Others to be announced

Panel 2, Optical Techniques

Jay Eastman, Optel, Advanced biophotonic technologies

Others to be announced


Deep learning in medicine: augmented dermatologic analysis

Art Papier MD, VisualDx

Deep learning in healthcare will augment professional decisions, and help patients take charge of their own health. In this session we will discuss vision science in medicine, and demonstrate a new deep learning app for dermatologic diagnosis and patient triage.

9/14 11:00 – 11:30


Fighting Cancer with Video Games and Lasers

Scott Carney, Ph.D, University of Rochester

Microscopic 3-D computed imaging: saving lives with math, physics and video games.

9/14 11:30 – 12:00