Explores the evolution of display technology, recent advances, emerging technologies, VR/AR displays, flexible displays, OLEDs, and more.


Corning Fibrance

Explore brilliant design possibilities with innovative fiber optic lighting that bends and curves around your needs.


LED Lighting; Illuminating a Sustainable World

Sanwal Sarraf PhD, C.E.O., Lumentek Global

Solid State LED lighting is overtaking both incandescent and florescent types providing energy savings for a more sustainable world.  What are the advantages in energy usage and other performance attributes that are driving this and the untapped opportunities still to come.

9/14 11:30-12:00

OLED Lighting Engines, Real World Integration and Applications

Giana M. Phelen, OLEDWorks

David Lee, OLEDWorks

OLED offers a different way of lighting with natural areas of uniform soft broad spectrum emission.  Say goodbuy to shades, reflectors, diffusers while lowering your energy usage, increasing product lifetime and improved product recycling.

9/14 11:00 – 11:30


Unlocking the Potential of OLED Through Novel Materials

Michel F. Molaire, Molecular Glass, Inc.

Mark Juba, Molecular Glass, Inc.

Raj Chakraborty

Joseph Pecorella

OLED lighting and display is growing rapidly from 3.1B in 2015 to 10B in 2020.  Manufacturing cost, emission efficiency, and lifetime are the limiting factors holding the industry back.  Molecular Glasses has developed new OLED materials that should reduce energy usage in half and lowering manufacturing cost down by 40% by printing displays.  This will open up OLED for many new display uses.

9/14 11:00-11:30


Displays for VR/AR

Painting With  Light 

Lorne Covington, Principle at Noirflux

Noirflux creates participatory environments that provide immersive exploration, education, advocacy and improvisational expression.  Our interactive installations and exhibits bring novel experiences to public and private spaces such as lobbies, plazas, museums and galleries.  

9/13 3:30-4:00


Big Bright Monster

Nathan Solomon, Principle at Big Bright Monster

Big Bright Monster works in dimensional light and sound to build immersive experiences. The new “Monster under the Viaduct” employs a unique 3D projection technology which is developed atop the Unreal Game Engine to allow for dimensional projection onto physical objects that are affected in real time. 

9/13 12:00-12:30


Designing Better Environments Using VR

Amber Bartosh, RA,  LEED AP BD+C

Bess Krietemeyer, PhD, Assistant Professors at Syracuse University

In an era where smart cities, intelligent building controls, and responsive skins and systems can do simultaneously more for the environment and the building occupant, integrating energy data feedback loops into the design process early on is crucial for high performing systems, buildings, and cities. How will architects and city planners—as highly visual thinkers—qualify and adapt to designing with real-time and big data?

9/13 4:00-4:30