Through film today, storytellers are able to push the bounds of creative structure, with innovative visual and audio experiences. The Cinema track will celebrate the unique vision of filmmakers brought to the big screen in ways not possible without the current explosion of cinema technology.


Cinema Technology: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Mark Schubin, Industry Tech Blogger

David Long, Rochester Institute of Technology

A panel contrasting cinematic techniques of the past and future.


Virtual Cinematography

Robert Legato, ASC, DGA, VES, EDG

Rob Legato shares advanced VFX techniques employed by Disney that won him the VFX Oscar for the Jungle Book in 2016.

Special Screening of Cock of the Air

Dryden Theater

George Eastman Museum of Photography

RSVP requested when registering online.


VR Storytelling and Filmmaking

A look at the challenges and opportunities in making films in virtual reality